Lur is a music performance group based in Malmö, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Instruments and vocals: Mika Forsling, Erik Rask and Jenny Nilsson.

Acrobatics, vocals, rap and poetry slam: Kajsa Bohlin

Video artist: Olof Werngren

Costume designer: Åsa Gjerstad

Light designer: Kerstin Weimers

Lur was formed by Mika Forsling and Erik Rask as a duo 2006, starting by playing around with a loop pedal and guitar effects in the rehearsal studio in Malmö, with no greater ambitions than having some spare time fun. But after a while they got the opportunity to play at the cabaret night of the circus school in Copenhagen, and started to form the ideas to a small concert, playing on kitchenware and forgotten toys.

As a part of Erik's graduation work they started to form a concept with costumes and animated interactive video projections, and the first show "Lur Maskopi" was born.

A few years and many local concerts later they got picked up by Riksteatern (Swedish National Theatre), who supported in making the second show "Disco Terror". The show was made with creative support from Swedish artist Cecilia Nordlund, including animations mixed with live cameras, a new set of songs, and costumes by Emelia Carlsson and Lina Gallo.

The third show "Big Bug" was supported by City of Malmö and this is where Olof joined doing the visuals. Lur also collaborated with Arduino guru David Cuartielles and students Clara Leivas, Marcus Ghaly and Nils Thalin from the Interaction design master program at Malmö University, making live body tracking. Costumes was this time designed by textile artist Lisa Tagesson, with costume light design by Martina Uhlig.

"Big Bug" later evolved into a new show called "Humbug" with new costumes made by Åsa Gjerstad, light design by Kerstin Weimers and new music and projections. The band expanded with musician Jenny Nilsson and acrobat/poet Kajsa Bohlin making five persons on stage for all bigger Lur concerts, while Erik and Mika still do some smaller appearances as a duo.

In a near future our dream team of skilled artist friends will create a new show from the ground and up with the working title "Distorting patterns".

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